Food City Teams Up with Sifter for  Health and Wellness

Food City Teams Up with Sifter for Health and Wellness
Abingdon, VA. - Tuesday, Dec 13, 2022.

Kicking off 2023 with a focus on health and wellness, Food City is partnering with Sifter SP, Inc., a leader in food and nutrition digital technology, to offer diet-driven customers a better way to shop. Sifter technology will be used to enhance the Dietitian's Pick program, part of Food City's growing commitment to health.

The powerful technology platform offered by Sifter will enable quick, easy product discovery and shopping, particularly for Food City shoppers with complex diet needs, ranging from diabetes and heart health to food allergies, food interactions with prescription medications, and lifestyle preferences such as Mediterranean-style and vegan. The platform includes mobile scanning functionality, allowing Food City customers to scan a product in store and immediately confirm (green checkmark for "yes" and red X for "no") whether the product meets their preferences.

“We recognize there is no one-size-fits-all approach to eating well. The beauty of Sifter’s technology is that it places the tool in the hands of the shopper, allowing them to customize their nutrition profile and effortlessly find items in every aisle of the store that suit their unique food preferences, dietary restrictions, and medical needs,” says Nicole Pazdziorko, Food City corporate dietitian. 

The adoption of Sifter shop-by-diet technology will help Food City customers make smarter food decisions and save them hours of time when grocery shopping online and in-store. Even customers with highly restrictive dietary needs can be assured of accurate results thanks to clinically-based, dietitian-vetted algorithms that power the "sifting" process.

“A growing number of the population is facing dietary restrictions. Food City is committed to continuing to grow our health and wellness program by offering services that value our consumers' and associates’ unique nutrition needs and wellness goals and empower them to make more informed choices for their families,” says Steven C. Smith, Food City president and chief executive officer.

Food City is committed to enhancing the customer experience and is continuing to make health and wellness a big priority in 2023. “As a dietitian, the goal is to help clients select items that fit individual preferences and dietary needs in every aisle of the store. Providing a tool that can meet this need is revolutionary and will change the way health and wellness information is available in the grocery store. From lifestyle preferences, allergies, to different disease states, Sifter is going to provide people with information to better shop for their health,” says Kirby Moir, Food City corporate dietitian. 



About Food City:  Headquartered in Abingdon, Virginia, K-VA-T Food Stores (Food City’s parent company) operates 149 retail outlets throughout southeast Kentucky, southwest Virginia, east Tennessee, north Georgia, and Alabama. For more information, visit


About Sifter: Pioneering grocery e-commerce entrepreneurs Andrew and Thomas Parkinson, founders of Peapod and ItemMaster, created Sifter, a Nutrition as a ServiceTM technology company, to make healthy eating easy for everyone. Sifter technology gives retailers and health-oriented companies the ability to offer consumers a fast, scientifically accurate way to find foods that match their unique dietary preferences and food avoidance needs. See how it works by downloading the mobile app. For businesses seeking to leverage Sifter functionality, visit